Brokerage of biofuels , refined mineral oil products, biomass and vegetable oils - nationally and internationally.
We are independent brokers representing equally the interests of sellers and buyers. If you are a  buyer we supply brokerage of your raw materials or finished product purchase for free.  We are experienced and competent brokers who maintain daily contact with many leading suppliers and consumers in our product range. Our customers profit from the thorough market understanding which we renew daily through our substantial relationship network in the markets.

OBC helps with the execution of our contracts:
We can organise for you transportation, prepare nominations, loading and help with the issue of related documents ( e.g. customs declarations, sustainability documentation, loading documents)

Both sides:
You may be a buyer today receiving offers from us  which are taylor made for your current needs; next time you may contact us looking to sell product and experience the depth of our carefully developed relationships with trustworthy counterparties. Whichever product and whether you are buyer of seller, the main issue for us is that both sides of a deal receive a satisfactory outcome.

Befitting  the importance of sustainability in the biofuels business we have a heart felt commitment to building long term sustainable business relationships. In times of relentlessly changeable markets, we aim to offer services, which help you to get the best out of the markets and to add real value too your business.

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